Welcome to my blog! So about me.. I am a foodie but also a fitness fanatic, although some think both cannot work alongside together and find it hard to enjoy food and being health conscious at the same time.

I would always try to make healthy version of foods I like, that are guilt free and without jeopardising my health and fitness goals. As I am very lazy guy, I would also try to create recipes that are as easy as possible and are not boring! I don’t believe in the “go hard or go home” with “chicken and rice” mentality. Healthy Food doesn’t have to be bland and getting in shape doesn’t mean you have to eat boring food.

Another one of the struggles I have is the fact that I live in a rural area in Wales, so getting access to fancy exotic ingredients is not possible for me. So my recipes would consist of ingredients that can be found in a basic local supermarket.

This blog will mostly consist of macro friendly recipes that are super easy to and takes minimal effort, so even someone as lazy as me can make. Posts will be of foods I will be eating during my heath and fitness journey whether I will be bulking or cutting. Also my food journey of experimenting/trying new things with foods and perhaps learning new recipes from others at the same time. From time to time I will include some product reviews of great food finds that are macro friendly.

As of now while I am typing this out (March 2017), my current weight is 83kg and the goal is to reach 90kg by doing a lean bulk. Last time I bulked up and weighed 90kg, I did it drastically within 6-8 months and also gained some fat along the way. This time I have given myself 12 months to reach my target weight by November 2017 and also hopefully to be as lean as possible at the end.

Hope you guys enjoy this blog!