Here are some food highlights from my trip around Greece in Athens, Santorini, Ios, Paros and Mykonos.

Greek Kebab

My first proper meal in Athens and I had homemade kebabs, I asked what kind of kebab is it (as in what meat), and the answer I had was “it’s a homemade kebab”…. So no idea what was in it.

First meal in Santorini

First meal in Santorini, so many choices on the menu and hard to decide what to have, was torn between this and a Chicken Souvlaki. Can’t remember what I ordered but looks like another kebab.

Alcai Bowl in Santorini

For breakfast in Santorini I had an English breakfast in the hostel, portion was a bit small so decided to go for a walk around in Fira Town and found a place that did Alcai Bowls. I thought “cool, let’s get a Alcai bowl”, how expensive could it be? Turns out it costs €13.

First Gyros in Santorini

This was the first Gyros I had in Greece, not a typical standard gyros but I think it was the best one I had.

Second Gyros in Santorini

For dinner in Oia where we watched the sunset, we had another gyros.

Spaghetti Carbonara in Ios

This was from the hostel, the previous night one of the guys was talking about the best Spaghetti Carbonara he had in Croatia, and I think that just set me off and was craving some Carbonara.


Our tour guide said that you can’t go to Greece without trying Moussaka so I decided to try it. Kinda like a lasagna but with eggplant instead of the pasta, and has potatoes in it.

Post Night out Gyros

Went out in Ios until around 4am so had to finish the night with a Gyros.

Avocado and Eggs in Ios

For brunch I decided to try something fancy and went for Avocado and Eggs with toast, it was a bit different and weird. I wasn’t a fan of it to be honest.

More Gyros in Ios

I had one Gyros in the evening and was still hungry so had another before going out. Then I ended the night with another one at 3ish in the morning.

More Gyros in Paros

For lunch I had two Gyros, one was Chicken and can’t remember what was the other one, probably beef or lamb.

Carbonara in Paros

First night in Paros and I decided to get another Carbonara. It was ok.

More Moussaka

Second night I decided to get Moussaka again, and this one was better than the one I had before

Burger and Fries

Of course I had to have Burger and Fries at some point, here was what I had for lunch whilst waiting for our ferry in Paros for Mykonos.

Pizza and Gyros in Mykonos

This was my first meal in Mykonos, our party started at 4pm in the afternoon and after a few hours I had to refuel with a Greek Meat Pizza. Unfortunately I had quite a few drinks and forgot to take a picture of it, I can’t even remember what it looked like. I was still hungry so I also had a gyros straight after the pizza.

Spaghetti Carbonara in Mykonos

The next day I woke up at 11am after going to bed at 6am, so I had Spaghetti Carbonara for brunch, it was probably the best one I had in Greece by far.

Mixed Grilled Souvlaki

Last meal in Mykonos I had mixed grilled Souvlaki which the portion was a lot smaller than I thought, my friend next to me had a gyros/souvlaki on a plate with lots of meat and she barely had any of it, so I decided to finish pretty much all of her food.

Last Meal in Greece

For my last evening in Greece I had a dish which I never heard of called Giaourtlou, which is basically Kofta Kebabs on top of a flatbread covered in yogurt with tomatoes on top.

Burger on the Ferry

Also I just remembered, on the ferry from and to Athens I had a BBQ Angus Beef Burger from Goody’s Burger House, which is the largest fast food chain in Greece.

Just to conclude: Many Gyros was consumed in this trip, and some Spaghetti Carbonara, Moussaka and Souvlaki.

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