Was really craving a Mcdonald’s Breakfast, so I decided to make a healthy version of the Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin, with a bit of a twist, I used Musclefood’s chicken sausages instead of normal pork sausage.

To make the sausage patty, I blended the chicken sausages with some garlic (personal preference), then shaped them into patties by using one of those burger moulder/maker.

Then fried the patties in a pan until the chicken patties are cooked, and for the egg, it was quite tricky to get it to cook in a circular shape, I had to use burger moulder/maker and place it in the pan to cook the egg in a perfect circle, once the shape has held, removed the burger moulder/maker and flipped the egg so that the other side is also cooked.

And finally add the egg and cooked sausage patty with cheese in a muffin and there you have it, a healthy Mcmuffin that is lower in calories and fat with high protein.

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