Brownies are awesome but they are also high in calories, fat and sugar.

Back in 2017 I went on a quest to make healthy brownies that would actually taste good and are not crap, so my first attempt was with chickpeas.

The good thing about chickpeas, they are a good source of Protein and Carbohydrates, apparently it also aides fat loss, helps with inflammation, cholesterol, heart health, blood pressure etc.

After playing about with some ingredients, this was the best brownie recipe I could make with chickpeas.

It was pretty simple as it only required 5 ingredients:-

  • 60grams of Milk Chocolate (I use Dr.Oetker Fine Cook’s Milk Chochlate)
  • 4 Eggs
  • Tin of 400grams of Chickpeas
  • 6 tablespoons of Honey
  • Half teaspoon of Baking powder

Super easy to make, start off by blending the chickpeas and eggs in a food processor, then melt the chocolate with a microwave and add it to the mixture with the honey and baking powder.

Blend again and pour the mixture into a baking tray with baking paper greased in olive oil, I usually spray it with olive oil. Then place in the oven that’s been pre-heated at 200°C for 35-40 minutes.


As you could probably tell from the photos, although it tasted quite good, it was more of a soft cake rather than a fudgy or gooey brownie.

However it was a success even though it wasn’t quite like the brownies I wanted, this is good alternative for a cake or perhaps a brownie if you are not concerned about the fudgyness.

Sometimes as a treat, I’ll add Vanilla Ice Cream with it and it tastes pretty good!



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