Hong Kong is a foodie heaven, with so many different kinds of food ranging from western and eastern cuisines, sometimes fused together into one. Whilst I didn’t manage to eat as much as I wanted during my trip, below are some food highlights.

Tsukemen Noodles

Never had this Japanese dish before, noodles are served separate to the soup/sauce which is a lot stronger and intense compared to normal soup broth. To eat this, you have to dip the noodles into the soup/sauce.

A cool thing was that for the same price we could choose 4 different sizes for the bowl of noodles, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. We opted for a Large bowl and I managed to finish it, but it was a struggle.


We also had some Gyozas and Fried chicken as side dishes.


Pork Katsu


Went to another Japanese restaurant and this time I had Pork Katsu, the picture above does no justice to how big the meal was, two large pieces of deep fried pork and with some rice underneath.

Although it looks quite dry without the curry sauce, the fried pork was quite juicy and as you can tell from the photo there was also a fried egg on top of it.

This was my only defeat in Hong Kong as I failed to finish it, however I did have a bowl of noodles 2 hours before this meal!


More Japanese Food! 

Actually, just remembered there was another Japanese restaurant that I went to, we had Pork noodles with some sushi.



Cafe de Coral – Fast Chinese and Western Food 

This is the largest Chinese fast food chain restaurant in Hong Kong that serves Chinese and Western food at a budget price. I like this place as they do some cool food however the portions are a bit small for me but then again it is pretty cheap.

I only went once and had Steak with Spaghetti:-

The steak came in a sizzling tray which is cool but I found it a bit weird as the spaghetti was at the bottom which made it a bit crispy. Also weird it was at the bottom of the steak which meant I had to pour the tomato sauce on the steak and not the spaghetti.


Beef Brisket Noodles

This is my favourite food in Hong Kong, only problem the portions are never big enough and too small! I really like the noodles, not sure how to describe it but they are a bit more chewy than normal noodles I find in the UK.

Unfortunately you cannot see the noodles underneath the beef and white carrots.


Pepper Lunch – Beef Pepper Rice

This cool place serves the Beef and Rice in a sizzling dish/plate, the beef comes raw and cooks on the dish, what I didn’t know is that I was supposed to stir the rice while the plate was still sizzling, so I ended up with crunchy rice at the bottom.


“No Beef, No Life” – True? Possibly.


Korean Barbecue

After a hike on Dragon’s Back we went to a Korean BBQ place in Causeway Bay. Unfortunately no pictures of the food but there was a lot of beef and pumpkin!

Also we had some beer.


Chicken Nuggets

I noticed these were trending a lot on social media in Hong Kong, I’m not sure why but they were pretty good. Although it only comes with 18 chicken nuggets instead of 20, the 4 sauces that comes with it are pretty good! And I do miss the sauces, if only they did them here in the UK. Apart from the Miso sauce though, it tastes rank, not sure who would like that with the nuggets, I haven’t met anyone who liked the Miso sauce.

My favourite Sauces in order are:-

  1. Japanese Style Sweet Curry
  2. Honey Mustard Sauce
  3. Korean Sweet Hoy Sauce
  4. Sesame Miso Sauce



Went to a Dessert place called Hui Lau Shan 許留山 three times during my stay in Hong Kong. The first time I had Pomelo, Mango and Sao with Birds Nest.


Second time I had Stewed Bird’s Nest and Harsmar in Coconut. Wait, what’s Harsmar? Google search.. oh.. it’s “dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of true frogs”.  I had no idea,

For the third time I decided to get something bigger as I felt the previous desserts were a bit small for me so I had Jumbo Pomelo and Mango with Sago for $62 which is around £6. The woman did warn me that it was going big, and when she brought it over to me I was pretty surprised at how big it was. Pretty impressive and it was the perfect size I was looking for. The picture below does not justice to how big it was.



Dim Sum

Also.. Dim Sum, which I had nearly every morning for brunch!


Lemon Tea

One thing I really miss from Hong Kong is the Iced Lemon Tea which I had with pretty much every meal. Not sure what is it but the Lemon Tea here in the UK aren’t the same.



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