This is one of my favourite recipes to make as it is really easy to make and requires minimal ingredients and effort, all it requires for the Carbonara sauce is one egg and some parmesan cheese. Although it is slightly harder to get the Parmesan cheese as the only place I can get them is from a Tesco Extra store instead of a local convenience store.

All you need to do is crack one egg open into a bowl, whisk it and then add around 15-20g of parmesan cheese to the bowl and whisk again, you may want to add some black pepper to taste to season the Carbonara sauce, I actually prefer not to have black pepper to my sauce, despite it being one of the essentials for a Carbonara recipe.

Once you have your pasta boiled, simply drain it and add it back into the pan and pour the egg and cheese mixture to the pan with the pasta.

IMPORTANT PART: Now this part is crucial, I made the mistake of leaving the heat on while mixing the pasta with the sauce in the pan. What that did is cook the egg and instead of having a creamy sauce, I ended up with dry spaghetti and lumps of scrambled egg! In order to make the sauce creamy, you have to turn the heat off when mixing the egg and cheese mixture with the pasta in the pan. The heat from the pan and the pasta is warm enough to cook the sauce and make the mixture creamy.

Once the sauce and pasta is cooked, I would usually sprinkle some pieces of bacon to the pan and mix it with the pasta.

This recipe is a lot healthier than a normal Carbonara sauce that contains cream or even double cream, think about all that fat and calories!

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