For pancake day I decided to make Banana pancakes that are super easy to make, only consisting of two ingredients of 2 Eggs and 1 or 2 Bananas depending on the size. No flour required, low in calories, dairy/lactose free and gluten free!

Simply mash the banana until a thin consistency and so there are very few lumps as possible. Crack open two eggs into another bowl and mix/whisk them together with a fork, I heard that adding a pinch of baking powder will make the pancake more “fluffier”, which I will need to try this myself when I make it next. Once the eggs are whisked, pour it into the bowl of mashed banana and mix them together.

Add oil to the pan, I usually spray the pan with Fry light 1 cal extra virgin Olive oil and once the pan is warm enough, scoop some of the mixture with a ladle and then pour it into a pan. Cook the pancake for one minute until it looks golden brown, then flip it and cook for another minute. If required, flip the pancake a few more times to get them evenly browned.

Place the pancake onto a plate and continue cooking with the rest of the batter/mixture, there should be enough to make five pancakes with the ingredients.

Once all pancakes are cooked, you can dress or decorate them with whatever you want, for example syrup, blueberries, more bananas etc. I am hoping to make another post in the future with different dressings/topping for these banana pancakes.

I usually just pour over my banana pancakes with some Walden Farms Caramel Syrup, which is zero sugar and low in calories.

Due to the simplicity of the recipe and ingredients, some may find it taste like an omelette, while for me I actually don’t mind it. But like I mentioned above adding baking powder to the pancake mixture will mike it more “fluffier”.


One thought on “Easy Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes”

  1. Hi Ken – I really like this recipe and I have tried it at the cinema with my friends – we love cooking in the cinema!

    – Gaben.

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